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5 Best Kids-friendly Masks Little Ones Will Love

Few things are certain about what school will be like for kids this year, but one thing's for sure: Face masks should be on your back-to-school shopping list, whether your kids are attending classes in person or remotely.

There are plenty of places to shop breathable face masks in kid-friendly sizes and designs. You can even find face masks for kids from familiar brands like Athleta, Gap, Honest Company, Crayola, and more.

Ahead, take a look at five of the best face masks for kids you can shop online today. You might even find a couple for yourself while you're at it.

  • Baublebar Mini Adjustable Face Mask

Baublebar is known for its giftable jewelry, but this year it's also selling stylish face masks for adults and kids. The "mini" face masks have two layers of cotton fabric and adjustable ear loops.

$8 for two

  • KalorCare Kids Face Mask with Flamingo Pattern

Kids Face Mask with Flamingo Animal Pattern

KalorCare is a new brand fashion face masks producer. Their stylish & comfortable flamingo pattern kids mask is the best selling one currently in

A pack of 50 masks used to go for $19.99, but is now on sale for just $15.99 plus 15% discount off.

$15.99 for 50pcs per box

  • Society of Threads Kids' Face Masks

Kids Face Mask with Flamingo Animal Pattern

Society of Threads makes face masks for adults and kids that you can order from Macy's. A pack of six colorful masks now on sale for $25. Each cotton mask has adjustable ear loops and includes a pocket for filters.

$25 for 6 Pack

Kids Face Mask with Flamingo Animal Pattern

Gap's colorful kid-sized face masks come in packs of three assorted patterns. They're made of 100 percent cotton and are safe to toss in the washer and dryer in between uses.

$15 for 3 Pack

Kids Face Mask with Flamingo Animal Pattern

Sanctuary doesn't just make stylish, comfortable masks for adults, they make them for kids, too. This pack of five masks includes an assortment of fun prints made with cotton muslin to keep children safe and comfortable.

$25 for 5 Pack

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