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A COVID Consequence - Face Masks with Foggy Glasses

Wearing a face mask is one of the guidance measures in place last year and this year to help minimize the transmission of COVID-19. It can protect from virus particles. In the meanwhile the face mask can also help in containing particles inside your mask and prevent you from spreading these particles to anyone else in public.

Accordingly, your eyes are considered to be one way for COVID-19 particles to attack your body. For instance, it could be if someone coughs or sneezes near your face, or if you touch an infected place and then touch your eyes. Glasses certainly can add an extra protective layer in front of the eyes.

However, we always heard someone complain that it has been very frustrating wearing a face mask while their glasses get foggy up. They want to protect themselves against the virus at all cost, but either they cannot see when they are walking or they have to take their glasses off to be able to function properly.

The simple solution is a good quality and well-designed metal nose bridge for your mask for a tighter fit. Yes, it does make sense, but it all depends on what kind of face mask you have. Jacky Ni, a senior designer from KalorCare with experience making medical supplies told us that a decorative embossed aluminum nose bridge could work for this within their new curved edge custom face mask.

Other tips and tricks include:

  • Put your glasses over your mask

  • Wash your glasses with soap and water

  • Put a tissue on the inside of your mask

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